Sunday, December 23, 2012


I prefer to write when it is quiet and I am alone. Unfortunately, I don't get much alone time, and it is rarely quiet in this house. My grandmother likes to talk and when she isn't talking, the TV is on. Actually she talks when the TV is on because if she doesn't say things as she thinks of them, she will forget. Since she has some hearing loss, the TV is always loud and I can't concentrate on anything with a loud TV in the background.

Of course, even when I am alone, it is never really quiet. My brain is always "noisy". Imagine a microfiche machine. If you are to young to know what that is, Google it. You put the microfilm in and start looking on the screen for the article you need. You can speed it up until the articles are going by in a blur, or you can slow it down and look at each article before moving on to the next. Now imagine that microfiche machine is out of your control. It is speeding through the articles and you barely catch a glimpse of one before it moves on to the next. Sometimes you don't even catch a glimpse, it just all goes by in a blur. Then, every once in a while, it slows down so you can start reading the article. You get to the point where you are about to understand what it is about, and the machine speeds up again. That is my brain, an out of control microfiche machine!

That is why I need to be alone to write. I have a hard enough time pulling thoughts out of my head when there are no distractions, it is next to impossible with a TV blaring and a person always talking. And, if the dog starts barking, my head explodes.

Anyway, my moments of clarity don't last long and my brain is already speeding up to blurring stage so, I must bid you farewell until next time.

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