Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vegas Lessons

This isn't going to be the typical trip report. Some things that happen in Vegas really should remain in Vegas and other things should remain in the heart as memories to retrieve when you get lonely and need a reminder of the awesome people in your life. Speaking of awesome people, I need to send out a special thanks to Katitude and Iggy who were there for me during a low moment. I got through because of your kindness and will not forget it.

During that low moment I was reminded that having expectations of other people is unfair and often brings about disappointment. The only person I should have expectations of is myself.

Everything else about the trip was awesome. I have never laughed so much and felt as loved as I did throughout the weekend. Poker bloggers are a special breed, even if none of us blog about poker all that much anymore, and I am so glad I took a leap outside of my comfort zone to meet you all way-back-when, at the first summer gathering. Hopefully I won't have to wait a year to see you all again and if any of you make it to Maine (I'm looking at you Iggy), look me up! Take care and thank you all for a great time.


SirFWALGMan said...

ooooh I see a "Moose-Vegas" gathering forming..

BamBam said...

Although I hate to see that there was a bit of down time for you last weekend, I for one can say you were in the best possible hands at the time.

Special breed indeed!

Katitude said...

anytime April! I was in much the same spot the night before, for kind of the same reasons. Thank god for bloggers, eh? Can't count the # of times one has talked me off the ledge :-)

I <3 you! It was great to see you, and hope to see you soon! Maybe this summer on the way to Newfoundland :-)

DrPauly said...

Good to see ya.

Thanks to you and Mo for the tip on the secret pizza place.