Sunday, September 11, 2011

No Ordinary Day

This post was originally going to be a much longer, moment by moment account of what I was doing on the morning of 9/11. Instead I am going with the short version.

  • Woke up to the voice of a radio DJ saying that a plane had "accidently" crashed in the World Trade Center.
  • Turned on the TV in time to see the second plane crash, live.
  • Went to the airport to get on my flight from San Jose to Baltimore, though I had no intention of actually flying after what I had just witnessed on TV.
  • Explained to the people around me in the check-in line, why all flights were suddenly being grounded. Apparently no one had seen or heard a news report.
  • Got to ticket counter just as the airport was officially closed.
  • Waited on curb for dad to pick me up and take me back home.
  • Stopped for breakfast at Carl's Jr. and watched events unfold on the TV in the upper corner.
  • Got home. Dad went to work. Dad came back home. We watched the buildings fall.
  • I was numb for the rest of the day.

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